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RELEASE: P.E. Executive Director Ed Gresser Named “Scholar in Residence” at USTR for Winter 2014

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“This appointment is a remarkable recognition of the impact ProgressiveEconomy has made on American trade policymaking in its first three years,” said Claude G.B. Fontheim, Chairman of the GlobalWorks Foundation, which is ProgressiveEconomy’s parent organization. “We are very proud that Ed has been chosen as the first Scholar in Residence in USTR’s 52-year history, and all the more so at such a critical moment for America’s trade agenda.”

Roberto Cavazos Represents GlobalWorks Foundation at 2013 World Bank Annual Meetings

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GlobalWorks Board Member Roberto Cavazos represented the organization at the 2013 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund. Mr Cavazos participated in the Civil Society Policy Forum, held during the week-long meetings on October 9-13, 2013. GlobalWorks Foundation’s  innovative and successful work on the Fruit of Loom/CGT… Read more »

Regional Experiences and A New Solution to Labor Relations: The Fruit of the Loom / CGT Honduras Labor Framework

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On July 2, 2013 Lance Compa, Ombudsman to the Honduras Oversight Committee, and Sarah Morgan, Special Representative for International Labor Affairs at the State Department, participated in a panel discussion sponsored by the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas Initiative of the State Department and the Embassy of Honduras in Washington, DC to discuss the Honduras Labor… Read more »