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FOTL Receives the Secretary of State’s ACE Award for its Work with the Honduras Labor Relations Framework managed in partnership with the CGT labor federation and GlobalWorks Foundation

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January 24, 2014 (Washington DC) – Secretary of State Kerry presented this year’s Award for Corporate Excellence for large American companies to Fruit of the Loom. The ACE award is given out each year by the State Department after extensive review, and signifies excellence in corporate citizenship. Fruit of the Loom was recognized for its… Read more »

125,000 people escape poverty every day.

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A generation ago in 1993, 1.9 billion people – nearly half the world’s men, women, and children – lived on this very thin line between subsistence and hunger. Since then poverty totals have been falling fast – and in fact falling more rapidly as time passes. The most recent estimates, done last month by the World Bank, find the totals down to 1.2 billion people and 17.5 percent of population.